Faerun Run

Trust a Shopkeeper or Trust a Cat?

Having spent the night among the several small bodies, our group continued trying to find a way out of the mysterious dungeon they have been trapped in. Down the corridor, they made their way through a hidden door and interrupted two mysterious human-sized figures who were covered by black cloaks inside a room with a familier setup. The figures escaped through another door and collapsed the tunnel behind them. In the room was a sorcerer, a hungover dwarf, and a frightened shopkeeper from Teziir. They had been drinking in The Throw It Back Tavern in Westgate, when a priest of Gond came in and started buying everyone dinner and rounds of drinks. Their memories become fuzzy, and then they were awakening on cloth mats in this mysterious dungeon. The group found this story somewhat familier…

The dwarven fighter Rufus, awakening hungover and in strange surroundings (neither of which is probably very unusual for him), immediatly attacked the drow in the party. Valtyr managed to deftly avoid his attempts at combat, and finally managed to calm him down somewhat for the time being.

Meanwhile, the shopkeeper, Eesa Gonadi, seemed to be very nervous and frightened by the cat Morris. He attempted to explain this by saying he was alergic to cats. The cat obviously does not like him at all either. Eesa was in a panic about being in the strange dungeon and offered everyone a hundred gold each and their pick of merchandise from his shop if they just got him back to his home unharmed. The party promptly ignored this offer. Immediatly deciding to trust the cat over Eesa, the warforged Aegis took the frightened human into his personal custody.

Backtracking a bit to a secret door they had been unable to open earlier, the group found a small room with a 5’ diameter bottomless hole and a few coins scattered about. Moving onward thanks to some quick thinking from the cat, they found themselves slowly pursued by the hole itself. Fleeing the hole, they quickly dispatched a few stirges and ducked into a room with a high exit and found a few beans and a bad pun.

Eesa, in a somewhat bad state after being forced into combat by his new metal keeper, almost lead a few of the characters to an unknown horrible fate when he got a bit greedy in a room full of gold. But he did discover something nifty about dead things, if anyone was paying attention…

The party finally found the apparent end to this insane place in a glowing blue portal, and almost walked right into a gelatinous cube blocking the hallway in front of it. After some intense combat, they had barely managed to bloody the creature when Aegis forced it backward through the portal.

Will it be there fully healed, with reinforcements, waiting on them when they dive through the portal themselves? Is Eesa prepared to make good on his offer if the party gets him home after the way he’s been treated? What’s up with him and the cat, anyway? Why did the drow who can walk up walls with ease suddenly fall flat on his face when he was just thinking about causing harm to the cat? Who the hell are those mysterious black-robed figures speaking in undercommon? And just where on Toril (hopefully) is this portal going to lead? Is Eesa Gonadi the most ridiculous NPC name ever given by a random name generator?
Find out next session! Or not! Actually, probably just get more confused!


“It’s not an Ice Capades power…”

Trust a Shopkeeper or Trust a Cat?

It might be. Nyah.

Trust a Shopkeeper or Trust a Cat?

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